Dear Umberto, thank you for an amazing experience at your beautiful place, Villa Delia!!

The food was outstanding, your family is very special and kind! Villa Delia is breathtaking, the grounds, the views, the accommodations! We loved it,

thank you!

Gurmeet 💕😘♥️💕😘♥️💕

Thank you very much for the beautiful day at your Villa. My family and I had a spectacular day. Silvano, Margarita and Veronica were the most hospitable hosts that I and my family have ever encountered. The food was so delicious and the Villa was so beautiful. I definitely could see myself living there and working together with your beautiful family. I must say it was definitely the highlight of our vacation.

Looking forward to staying at the Villa in the near future. Thanks again ♥️

I’ve just returned from Europe and attending cooking school at Villa Delia was the highlight of my month long vacation. It was everything I hoped for and more. When I departed I mentioned to Silvano that the service provided by all the Villa Delia staff was amazing. Marietta is a wonderful cook and I learned a lot from her. My accommodation, meals and Villa Delia will stay in my memory for a long time and I hope to visit again in the future.

I’ve told all my friends and family that this is a vacation they would all enjoy.

There are not enough words to describe what an incredible time we had at the Villa Delia cooking school.With out a doubt, this is not only a 5-star place to stay, it is a 5-star experience. Silvano and Marietta are a step above in creating something unforgettable. Katherine, our cooking school interpreter was one of the most delightful people I’ve ever met and her skills are impeccable. Carla, who was with us on every day trip was not only very organized, but absolutely fun to be with. And last but not least, the food servers, the kitchen staff and housekeepers saw to our every need. The memories will last a lifetime.

Many thanks to them all and I have no doubt that I would do it all again in the future. Thank you for your assistance.

This was the most the most amazing food, cooking, people & cultural experience of my life. It was unbelievable and I will have a life time of memories.
Silvano and the staff were the best, I can’t tell you enough about them.

Marrietta, there are not enough words. She has given me a whole new way of cooking. I just hope I can remember everything. I took notes but I am sure I left things out.

I have a home in Idaho also, not too far from Canada and some of us are planning a trip to one of Umberto’s restaurants next year.

I can’t wait to start trying her recipes, starting with the broth. I will be a new way of life and cooking.

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